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The creative spirits, the determined, the indefatigable, the defiant, the outsiders, the independent thinkers, the fighters and the true believers, These are the people who have imagined, started, organized and built Great companies. These are the kind of people we work with. They are extremely rare. We're ecstatic when they choose Intra-help to

"Seek Help to Exsert Help for the Community"

Most people who know us well like the concept. A few don't – but we don't pretend to be for everybody. We want to find entrepreneurs with ideas where there is the chance for us to be shareholders for 5 or 15 years if possible

We try to change with the times without getting swept away by hype. We share the sense of confidence and apprehension felt by every successful entrepreneur. We try to stay young at heart and very hungry. And we are always mindful of lessons learned – some painfully – that are eternal truths.

Our contribution to an Intra-help success almost always comes from several of us, working in support of the team, and not solely from whoever happens to serve.